Why use planning software for your business?

The use of Microsoft Excel for personnel planning is quite popular these days. While it does have some wonderful features, such as the ability to create your schedule , more options, there are alternatives there! With all the advantages that online staff planners have over standard software packages like easy access from any time zone, greater flexible options for customization including different shift durations per day and week depending on what works best for your lifestyle. why should you do so much work just because somebody advised me to?

1. Excel’s work schedules are difficult to send to employees. If you distribute your schedules, there’s a chance that some won’t be available for when they’re supposed at their desks, so multiple versions of the same thing get sent around! The software for scheduling online can only provide one set of guidelines. Any changes that are instantaneously made will be recorded within the system to ensure there’s no confusion for employees.

2. If you send an Excel work plan is sent to employees the workplace, many employees are unable to access the spreadsheet. It is a paid program isn’t available to all users of this available on their laptop or phone anymore due to newer versions that offer greater features at a higher price than before with less functionality and some users might require assistance from a different device like a tablet that gives them access to Google Sheets where you can use both apps simultaneously as well.

3. If an employee can’t work at the scheduled times immediately it can cause a significant stress for any scheduler. The best approach to address this problem is if employees are able to access their schedules, and can search for alternative workers without having the approval of someone else! Planners do not have to spend time looking through the shift schedules. They are also freed from searching for hours for suitable replacements.

4. In today’s workplaces, it’s common practice to provide substitutes for employees who call in sick. While this may be an overwhelming task for managers who must find replacements and inform them via emails or push notifications, there are several benefits. The first benefit is that these assignments happen automatically without any need for human intervention. The second benefit is that you won’t be missing out on crucial work because your replacement was able to manage all assignments while working at his/her full capacity (and If not, then he will be back next week). This process also lets everyone be involved in the planning.

5. The workforce’s availability is a challenge to manage. Good online personnel planning software allows employees to share their schedules in a short and easy way via the computer or mobile applications they’ve installed. This plan immediately reflects any changes to staffing and there is no need to make manual adjustments. It saves you time each day! If you send out messages or emails regarding working hours, the planner needs to shift between different applications since these messages can arrive at different times during the day, which can slow down the scheduling process even further than it was before.

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