Medical Benefits Of Marijuana You Probably Never Knew

While marijuana is most well-known for its recreational uses, it has many health advantages. This is evident in the advancements that people have made in the field of legalization of cannabis and its decriminalization in the past few years, all because people are realizing just how powerful this plant can be when utilized correctly! Stories of the ability to treat cancer and other lifesaving treatments are getting difficult for government officials to overlook at this point They’re retaliating by trying their best not only to offer medical services that are compassionate but also with cannabis prescriptions, but also expanding access to the various areas where there is a need (including areas with a rural population).

Cannabis helps reduce pain and inflammation.

There are many conditions that medical marijuana is a viable option for. It has demonstrated significant advantages in reducing inflammation when in comparison to pharmaceuticals. One study found that cannabis reduced the pain by 28 percent. Another study found that patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) experienced less symptoms when they took prescription drugs containing CBD or THC. These chemicals are strong in anti-inflammatory actions, which may be the reason why many people get relief from medicinal marijuana even though they don’t have any apparent health issues.

Cannabis Helps Keep You Slim

It turns out that, despite stereotypical images of people who smoke cannabis eating junk food all day, the facts back up the claim that regular users of cannabis tend to become obese than non-users. Journal epidemiology published in 2011 a study stating regular users of cannabis had lower obesity rates because they eat healthier food and exercising more.

Recent research has shown that cannabis users had lower insulin levels in conjunction with smaller waistbands, despite a range of lifestyle variations. It’s an intriguing finding considering that around 30 million Americans have Diabetes and 86 million Americans are pre-diabetic.

Cannabis Reduces Seizures

Dravet’s Syndrome is an illness that causes both adults and children to who suffer from epilepsy experience fewer seizures. The main medical benefit is relief. Terpenes, like those also found in cannabis, have anticonvulsant properties and other benefits that make them an effective component of any treatment plan for epilepsy patients such as Linalool. Human trials have shown the effectiveness of Linalool.

Cannabis Can Help Fight Cancer

The decision of what to treat cancer patients can be challenging because they aren’t as susceptible to experiencing the same adverse consequences as people with the disease. Luckily there is a cannabis plant that contains THC and CBD along with hundreds of other cannabinoids including terpenoids/flavonoids that have medical properties on their own while synthetic alternatives like Marinol only replicate one piece (THC).

Cannabis has gained a lot of attention as a natural cure for cancer because of its “munchies effect”. It kills tumor cells and stimulates appetite. Patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation might have a better time eating while they are undergoing treatment. This can help patients to maintain a healthy nutrient intake.

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