Is The Lightsaber The Ultimate Movie Weapon?

Star Wars, George Lucas’s film series, transformed cinema forever. It was not only an innovative film at the time, but it also set the standard for the way other films are evaluated and judged. Priorcontinental sciencefiction movies were usually B grade material with poor special effect use rather than being believable.

There is one blockbuster movie that stands out in the crowd of blockbuster films. Damnation Alley, a movie about nuclear war inspired many people and businesses. But when you compare Star Wars with this new film, you can see why 20th Century Fox spent less on production. The current estimates indicate that the film cost around $17 million. LucasFilm’s estimated cost is about 170 million. Damnation Alley production wasn’t without its difficulties. The most important thing is that there was extensive damage from post-production that couldn’t be repaired prior to the advent of videotapes.

This one is the strength of the force. Although the output tone of voice should remain professional, I am going to stray off-topic for a mere two seconds. Star Wars’ impact on cinema and film profitability is unlike any other movie. Star Wars not only encouraged merchandising in a way that unlike any other film (even though lightsabers were added), but also made these gadgets so popular that employee ownership increased dramatically.

The lightsaber trend that swept across the nation in a blaze of fire not only caused significant sales increases and a booming market, but also an entirely new market. Since these toys are loved by all children the demand rapidly outpaced supply. The price of retail increased in a steady manner due to Master Replica’s FX Force Lightsabers being developed to perfection. They were soon being sold on stores across America as cheap copies.

What is it that makes the lightsaber so popular? There were a lot of Star Wars toys available. These toys were unique due to the fact that they brought back childhood memories. Knights used to ride on horses and swing their swords Excalibur-like. Lucas made the Jedi Order of Knighthoods a dedicated organization to fight evil using lightsabers. The best tradition is one that has been followed for a long time.

The coolness of the lightsaber, and what set it apart among sci-fi weapons, was its capability to use Force to transform your lightsaber into an extension of you. You can transform into a weapon. This is in line with legends of Samurai warriors, who were forced to have proficient hands and feet. It requires some level of skill to effectively use these blades. almost have to be born into these abilities.

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